Storage is an important part of our logistics services (certificate BS EN ISO 9001:2008). We can adapt all logistics operations to your needs and requirements. We offer various types of storage depending on the type of your products and the market segment, in which you carry out your business.


Presently we dispose of storage area of 800 m2. All storage facilities are equipped with modern technology and meet the stock management criteria (FIFO / FEFO / LIFO). The storage premises are equipped with a rack system, free areas and handling equipment. Reception, inspection, storage, registration, identification, movement of the goods etc. are managed by PROFIT system, which allows executing regular reports and inventory-taking.

The motto „our warehouse is your warehouse“ applies here – you will get all administrative support from receiving and processing of orders to printing of documents.


As a part of the logistics services, we will ensure transport of your goods to your customer or to another destination. We can use our own trucks or well-proven contractual partners. Cargo movement is under permanent supervision thanks to GPS. The cargo is insured up to 10 million Czech crowns; it is possible to arrange for an individual extra insurance of the shipment in addition to the regular insurance policy.

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