Full truck and less than truck loads


Full truck loads (FTL)

We transport full truck loads within entire European Union. We offer all types of vehicles, from the carrying capacity of 1 ton, Iveco of 3.5 tons, Solo of 6 tons, up to trucks with the carrying capacity of 24 tons. For this type of transport, the capacity for one recipient is used to maximum extent. The goods are directly transported from the place of loading to the place of unloading without any transloading. As in the case of top up, all vehicles are tracked by GPS and we are able to provide you with specific information about the current vehicle position and movement of your goods at any time.

Less than truck load, so-called top up (LTL)

For this transport type, gradual loading of the respective vehicle with goods is applied. This is intended for shipments that cannot make use of the full capacity of the vehicle. The vehicle consecutively loads several shipments. LTL transport provides advantages to customers consisting in the speed of delivery and in the fact that the customers only pay a proportional part of the cargo area of the vehicle, not the entire vehicle. To top up partial loads we use the capacity of trucks, smaller vehicles and vans. Thanks to our large network of vehicles we are able to transport these partial loads to customers within very short time and no transloading of goods at terminals is necessary. If your shipment is urgent and does not occupy the entire capacity of the vehicle, such transport is an ideal option.

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